Our Burdens…

A bond never to be broken_ _

We fail to realize that we aren’t the only human beings treading this land. We tend to believe that our problems are worst than everyone else’s. We take for granted the privilege that we have been blessed with despite what you find faults in. Therefore, my suggestion to you is to think of your “problems” differently. Always take it back to what is “positive” about what you are going through. Being positive-minded can change your whole outlook on life. I am not innocent. I am learning myself every single day and I impart this wisdom upon you by reflecting on me. Sparing you of the details, my experiences and what I have learned from them are what drives me on this mission to spread the humanitarian model.

I urge you to lead by example. Our everyday encounters with others speak volumes about the types of people we are. Simple acts of kindness and respect goes a very long way. No act of kindness no matter how small, goes unrewarded. I suggest that people learn to respect all kinds of people because everyone is fighting a battle of his/her own. We all have our problems, bad sides, and bad days. But there is so much more behind it, behind you, behind everyone.


Give your burdens to the Lord, and he will take care of you. ~Psalm 55:22


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