This Journey Called Life…

Have you ever stopped in your tracks to reflect on your life?

Remember when you were a kid? Your primary concern was finishing lunch so you can play outside, making sure your bike was safe, and ringing your friends doorbell to ask to come out and play. Then the teenage years came around where you were getting into how you fit in with others, figuring out what sports you liked, and the clothes you wore. Let’s not forget high school. This is likely where your social life kicked in, peer pressure arose, and you might have even anxiously awaited to get out early from classes to hang out after school. Then… you were considered an “adult”… but no, we weren’t ready for that. Get a job? Go to college? Pay bills? In my Steve Urkel voice, “Mommy help!”.

We were in such a rush to grow up. Little did we know what we were getting into. Now, here we are… At some point in life, which I like to call the turning point, we learn to take our life by the horns and go for it! That happens earlier for some than others. But what I want you to do is to stop and think about where you are now in life… and how you got there. Did someone inspire you? Did you go through hills and valleys? Did you take the easy road out and wish you hadn’t? Stop and reflect on your life and where you are now and ask yourself if you are happy. 

Essentially, in this journey called life, we have to remember to live in the moment. The past brought you to where you are today. But right now… at this very moment, what will you decide to do to make yourself “happy” so that you can live happily for the days you are blessed with to experience?