About NYCurlyDoc

“Want me to do something… tell me I can’t do it”.

These were famous words of the late, great Maya Angelou.

Often enough, in the society I live in, you hear that the youth in our community aren’t motivated enough; don’t push their limits of success. This community did not raise white-collar workers – lawyers, doctors, politicians, CEO’s, engineers, and the like. Guess what? That needs to change. If it needs to start with me, here I am!
From a very young age, I decided that I wanted to become a doctor. It was with this interest that I fueled my educational career to accomplish this goal. Along the way, I gained many other interests such as car modifications, modeling, motherhood, and more. Many ask, “how do you do it?” The answer… “by faith and determination”.
On my page, you will see many things.
  • You will learn about my daily tribulations and triumphs related to work, home, and life, in general!
  • I am embarking on my natural hair journey – join me!
  • I am also raising a bright and vocal son!
  • I will be starting a new position at work!
  • I also have a few photo-shoots in my near future – maybe you can help!
I am here to share with you my life. Not to gain popularity or stalkers, for that matter. But to empower young, strong-minded minorities such as myself; to be that rainbow in someone’s cloud.

Let’s get it!